About Us

We all love to see when memes come to life whether on youtube, in a picture format, and even those fanciful GIFS, but what happens when you take it to the next level? With Paw Legend, we bring you to a whole level of awesome that's out of this world. You want your cat turned GANGSTER? We have that. You looking to wrap your cat around your head.. WHILE it flies in space, we have that too.

Basically if you're thinking something truly insane, our product line will be offering it in any way, shape or form that we can. We don't just want to show you our artistic design skills, we want to show you that your pets can be enjoyed in all ways, shapes and FORMS.. even the fire-breathing, Cuban cigar smoking, Mayan-inspired types.. just to name a few! We get it, you wish you were as cool as a pirate patch-wearing cat with a sword riding a unicorn that breaths out fire but of course that's not possible so why not get the next best thing, amazingly humorous clothing.

If you want to learn more about our designs, want to hear more about our upcoming cat-tastrophes and doggie memes to be, orrr just have a general question, feel free to ask. We do our best to answer any and all inquiries no matter what you had in mind. We understand the importance of you our customer and that's why we will get back to you, after we finish our latest and super legendary cat's and dog's designs to show you the true meaning of Paw Legend.

Thanks for taking a bit of time to check us out, our goal is to show you that no matter what you are in life whether cat or dog, you can accomplish anything. Stay motivated, show these pets you care by wearing them proudly while others look at you as if you're insane and if so, you've finally accomplished your goal and truly realized the power of Paw Legend and it's mesmerizing designs.